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Novamed Chlamydia Test - test for men and women - 5 pcs

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A rapid, simple and reliable test for the detection of chlamydial infection, caused by Chlamydia trachomatis from a cervical swab in women, a urethral swab in men and an eye sample in symptomatic patients. 5 tests in one package.

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Chlamydial infection is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis. Chlamydia infections are very insidious. The disease usually manifests as inflammation in the urogenital tract or rectum. However, the disease can also be hidden, as some infected people do not experience any symptoms, such as discharge or pain in the genital area. 

MEN - In men, the infection is manifested by inflammation of the urethra. 40-50% of all inflammation is caused by chlamydia. If the infection manifests itself, the first symptoms are burning and soreness when urinating, sometimes there may be a watery discharge from the urethra. The incubation period is 10-20 days. If treatment is not given in time, complications may occur. The infection spreads from the urinary tract to the prostate and then through the fallopian tubes to the testicles and epididymis. In some cases, inflammation of the rectum also occurs. Inflammation is very painful and can result in infertility.

WOMEN - the vaginal mucosa in women is resistant to chlamydia, so the infection penetrates to the cervix. The manifestations are usually not pronounced and therefore the condition is often underestimated. In particular, there is a discharge (indeterminate, mucoid to purulent), pain during intercourse, bleeding during the cycle and, as in men, itching and burning during urination. The external genitalia may also be affected by the appearance of vesicles. In women, chlamydial infections usually affect both the cervix and the urethra. If the infection is not treated in time, the infection progresses through the uterus to the fallopian tubes and to the ovaries. This is known as deep pelvic inflammatory disease, which manifests itself as severe pain in the lower abdomen, increased temperature, or disturbances in the menstrual cycle. 

Human chlamydial infection causes diseases such as conjunctivitis, venereal lymphogranuloma, and a number of other sexually transmitted diseases (up to 25 clinical syndromes) that were previously attributed to other or unknown etiologies (rectal mucositis, cervicitis, infertility, Reiter's syndrome, epididymitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and ectopic pregnancy). Infection of the cervix may be a factor in the development of carcinoma. In some cases, transmission to the newborn occurs at birth.  In 40% of cases, newborns become ill with chlamydial conjunctivitis a few weeks after birth and 10% develop neonatal pneumonia after two or more weeks, which can be fatal. 

Although chlamydial infection responds well to antibiotic treatment, the incidence of the disease continues to rise dramatically. Early diagnosis is the key to successful treatment.

The test is performed like taking a sample of cells from the cervix or urethra, but you will know the result in a few minutes right in the comfort of your home.

The Novamed Chlamydia Test is definitely worthwhile for busy women, for example, who can get an idea of the severity of their health condition in a few minutes. The need to visit a gynaecologist when there is only a slight suspicion of a possible infection is not always necessary. The tests are also suitable for home diagnosis after treatment.

These diagnostics from the renowned Israeli company NOVAMED Ltd. have all the necessary health certificates and long-term approvals. 


- Safe and accurate home detection of Chlamydia infection from a sample of cells from the cervix or urethra.

- The result is known in 15 minutes.


- Simple all-in-one device allows for easy testing and evaluation.

- Completely user-safe. 

- Anyone can do it!


- All necessary test components are integrated into a unique platform.

- Individual packaging for easy testing and safe disposal after use.

- Each package contains 5 kits to perform 5 tests.


The unopened test kit can be stored at temperatures ranging from 4 to 28°C until the expiration date. Do not store in direct sunlight, in humid environments or in hot conditions.


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Avatar Radek A.
verdikt testu byl shodný s pozdějšími laboratorními testy za tu cenu je v balení 5 testů, je tedy možné si výsledek ověřit ze vzorků ráno/večer, s odstupem času nebo i u partnera/partnerky pro muže i ženy jednoduché na pochopení jsem rád, že tato věc existuje za tu cenu je nejvýhodnější v rámci konkurenčních produktů

není to 100% jistota dle návodu i odborníků, výsledek je nutné ověřit laboratorními testy, nicméně jako orientační zjištění ok test zabere 20 minut na vyhodnocení + 10 minut na uvolnění vzorku do kapátka, celé je to tedy asi na půl hodiny je zapotřebí zohlednit inkubační dobu, tedy minimálně 3 týdny po rizikovém pohlavním styku, jinak bude výsledek zkreslený před testováním je nutné nebrat alespoň 14 dní žádná antibiotika nebo další léky, které mohou výsledek zkreslit

Overall opinion:
Moje negativní výsledky byly následně podpořeny laboratorními testy. Celkem jsem si dělal testů několik, pro jistotu a vše negativní - za mě tedy spolehlivý. Pro milovníky adrenalinu je to ideální věc, protože stres při čekání na výsledek je opravdu znát.

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