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TENS against birth pain

TENS against birth pain

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Body Clock Elle TENS2 - RENT

It offers maximum pain relief during and after childbirth. Simple operation, all settings are preset, integrated...
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TENS is short for Transcutaneous (through the skin) Electrical Nerve Stimulation. The TENS method is successfully used as a non-pharmacological method of relieving labor pains. It is electrical stimulation in the hip area. Canadian Ronald Melzack first described the use of this remedy to relieve labor pains. He came up with his theory of using TENS in 1965. TENS was used for the first time to relieve labor pains in Sweden, and the method then gradually began to spread throughout the world.

The advantage of using transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation during childbirth is that it is a non-pharmacological method. Therefore, no chemicals can get into the mother's body that could burden or pollute her organism. Medicines also have a side effect - this can be avoided using non-pharmacological methods. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation has no negative effects on the fetus or the mother. About 60% of mothers experience relief from labor pains when using TENS. If a woman wishes to use TENS during her birth, she should inform the staff of the maternity hospital where she is going to give birth. The electrodes of the digital pain reliever are attached to the skin in the lumbar region. This device sends tiny electrical impulses that block the path of pain signals along nerve fibers to the brain. TENS is especially useful in the early stages of labor when it helps your body create endorphins, which are its own feel-good chemicals. You can move freely while using this device and its use has no effect on your baby. You can adjust the intensity of the electrical impulses yourself according to the current feeling of pain. It will take about 40 minutes before you feel the first effects of the digital pain reliever, so if you decide on this method, it is advisable to start using TENS right at the beginning of labor. You will not be able to use the device when giving birth in water, when showering or when recording a cardiotocographic recording.

Why use TENS during labor:

  • Blocks pain signals
  • Releases endorphins in the body
  • The birth phase is shortened
  • The mother is less tired from childbirth
  • Neither the mother nor the child is exposed to the unwanted effects of anesthetics

The electrostimulation method TENS has been successfully used all over the world for many years to relieve labor and postpartum pain.

Elle TENS v  "Good Morning Britain":

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