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Novamed Strep A Stick Test - home test for streptococcal infection

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Quick, cheap, simple and reliable diagnosis of group A streptococci in throat swabs in patients with suspected pharyngeal infection. You know the result in 5 minutes.

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The uniqueness of the Strep A Stick test lies in the minimal involvement of the user in the actual testing process. In addition, the use of a single reagent speeds up the process considerably. The simplicity of execution and the speed of obtaining the result make the Strep B Stick a recognized Point of Care Test. The Strep A Stick ensures a correct diagnosis of streptococcal pharyngitis in the home environment as well as in the doctor's office, and at the same time acts as a prevention of antibiotic overuse.

Unlike the CRP, the test is performed like a regular throat swab, but you know the result in minutes right in the comfort of your home.

The Strep A Stick test for home use is certainly worthwhile, for example, for people with time-consuming jobs, who can get a rough idea of the severity of their health condition in a few minutes.

But it will also be appreciated by mothers with small children, for example, who can find out whether it is really necessary to visit a crowded waiting room with the risk of further infection.

Diagnostics from the renowned Israeli company Novamed Ltd. have all the necessary medical certificates and long-term attestations

There is no risk of unpleasant blood collection (CRP tests) - the result in 5 minutes.


- Safe and reliable detection of streptococcal group antigen.

- Reading of the result using a test strip inserted into the reagent with the sample.

- The result is known in 5 minutes.


- Completely user-safe. 

- Anyone can do it!


- The package contains all the necessary components to perform the test.

- Individual packs for easy testing and safe disposal after use.


Each Strep A Stick Test Kit contains everything needed to perform one test:

- 1 Strep A Stick Test Strip in an aluminum package with desiccant.

- 1 sterile swab.

- 1 tube containing reagent extract.

- Instructions for use.


Store wrapped in a sealed container in a refrigerator or at room temperature (+2°C - +30°C). Do not store in the freezer. The expiry date is indicated on the packaging.

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