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Uni-Patch samolepící antialergenní podložka s elektrodami - obdélníková 44 x 95mm

Uni-Patch self-adhesive anti-allergen pad with electrodes - rectangular 44 x 95mm

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Antiallergenic stimulation pad with electrodes - rectangular. Designed for all stimulators with a needle 2mm connector. Allows long-term repeated use.

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Highly conductive anti-allergenic blue gel pads with skin-friendly electrodes. Ideal for delicate and sensitive skin.The gel adheres to the skin so effectively that it significantly improves electrical conductivity. Easy to remove without painful pulling on hairs. They leave no dirty traces.

The pad is covered with a foil - after removing it, it just sticks to the skin. For 20 - 30 uses. One pack contains 4 pads. 

Suitable for both TENS and EMS devices.

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44 x 95mm