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Educator - exercise aid against incontinence

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Educator® is an intravaginal probe for comfortable and effective exercise in the treatment of urinary incontinence. With control indicator of correct exercise.


The Educator® has been developed from the expert-valued Periform+® vaginal probe. It has been supplemented with a visual check that your pelvic floor muscles are being exercised correctly. The aid thus helps in the treatment of stress incontinence

The Educator® exercise aid is popular because:

- It's simple to use.

- It tells you that you are performing pelvic exercises correctly.

- It strengthens your pelvic floor muscles.

- You can track your progress.

- It's easy to clean.

How it works:

You attach the rod (indicator) to the vaginal probe. Then insert the probe into your vagina (similar to using a tampon).

Exercise your pelvic floor muscles (e.g. Kegel exercises). The unique shape of the device helps to mimic the movements of the inner walls of the vagina. The indicator shows not only the correctness of the exercise performed, but also its intensity.

Correct exercise:The end of the indicator moves downwards.

Incorrect exercise: the end of the indicator moves upwards

Please note: Do not use Educator® if you are pregnant, during menstruation, or if you have a vaginal infection.


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